COVID-19 --- UPDATE April 21th, 2020COVID-19 --- UPDATE April 21th, 2020

The weather is warming up quickly and the grass is greening up and beginning to grow.  With the generally dry weather we've had so far this spring plants and lawns are needing water.  While most of our team has been on standby we are starting to bring our technicians back for the following services:

Lawn Mowing:  We will begin service for most clients April 20th week.  Service will be suspended April 27th week.  We plan to resume regular, weekly mowing service May 04th week.  Please have gates open and dog waste cleaned up before this service.  Mowing day will be the same as last season.  If you need to know your mowing day just contact us.

Spraying & Pest Control Services: These services are continuing.  If you have not seen our crew yet please be patient.  Our goal is to service everyone for our first round by May 08th.  NOTE: If you are a Basic Plan customer (this is four lawn treatments instead of the usual six) we plan to have your first lawn treatment completed before the end of May.  If you have questions please email us.  Trust that we are working as fast as we can to complete all treatments.  At this time, unless conditions change, we anticipate being able to complete all treatments for the season.  If we should not complete all of your pre-paid services trust that we will make it right by either issuing a refund or applying a credit to next season.  

Lawn Aeration/Thatching/Power Raking: These services we usually complete in March or early April.   We will be scheduling these services for April 27th week, May 16th and May 30th.  Please be patient as we complete scheduling.  We will contact you once we have determined which day we will be coming.  REMINDER:  We will need sprinkler heads marked before this service.  Usually just the heads that are in the center of the lawn area will need to be marked.  You can use a flag, stake or a plastic fork.  If you need help let us know. Please be advised that lawn aeration service may be delayed beyond May 30th, even until fall.  Also, any thatching work not completed by May 01st will be canceled.  Once we reach May it is too late in the season to provide this service.  We can schedule for 2021 or provide lawn aeration instead. 

Sprinkler Start-up: This service has been delayed by at least three weeks.  Normally by April 01 of each year we are getting sprinklers fired up and going.  This season, however, we have just started the process.  Again, we are about three weeks delayed from our regular schedule.  We will continue sprinkler start-up work through May.  You will receive an email, text or phone call when we have you scheduled.  Please do not turn on your sprinkler supply valve until our technician arrives, unless you are certain there are no leaks outside.  Turning on your supply valve without checking the irrigation boxes and plumbing outside may cause significant water damage to your property.  If you have not heard from us by April 30th please contact us to be sure that you are on the schedule.

Sprinkler Repairs: We should be able to make small repairs when we start up your system.  Some larger repairs may need to wait for another day.  If we are able to get most of your system running we will do that.  If a larger repair is needed you may not be able to water a section of your lawn/yard until we can make a return visit.  Our goal is to get everyone up and running first, then return and make repairs when we can.  

Pruning Work: At this time we are focusing on dangerous tree removal and pruning only.  We are also working at some commercial sites that fall within the "Essential Class" parameters.  If the governor lifts the Stay at Home order on May 05th then we will start scheduling aesthetic pruning work at that time.  If you have a dangerous condition that needs addressed please let us know.  Once the Stay at Home order is lifted we will continue with regular pruning work.

  • We will not shake hands.
  • We will maintain at least a 6-foot distance when working.
  • We will not enter your home/building unless absolutely necessary.
  • Our technicians may no longer knock on your door prior to beginning service. We may knock and then immediately begin service.  If you'd like a phone call when we arrive on site or would like to speak with your technician in person just let us know.
    Please alert us if you have been ill with COVID-19 or similar symptoms.  We will reschedule your service when you are feeling better.
  • Our staff will not be allowed to work if they are feeling ill.
  • We will try whatever means possible to alert you before each service other than regular mowing.  Email and text messaging are the most efficient way for us to communicate with you about upcoming appointments. If you do not have an email or cell phone on file and would like to add one please contact us.
  • Our office and sales staff will be working from home. Field visits will be kept to a minimum until the end of April.  Our office may be closed, but phone calls will be routed and answered. 
  • Our PHONES have been giving us some trouble lately.  If you can’t get through please try again or send us an Email.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.

You can view your current invoices, update your credit card info, make payments and contact us through our client portal. The link is below. If you need your login information please contact us and we can get you set up.


All of the above timelines are subject to change.

We will keep you informed when there are any further delays.







COVID UPDATE --- April 01, 2020

Dear Valued Clients:

What disruption and chaos one small organism can cause.  Something we cannot see is changing our world so quickly, so powerfully.  No question about it, this is a serious time. With widespread pandemic sweeping the world, we all are forced to change how we live our lives.  Hopefully you are finding something positive to focus on in this stressful time. Enjoying more quality time with family, perhaps.  Resurrecting an old hobby or cleaning out the garage.  Maybe you are working from home.  Whatever it is you are focusing on, we could all use this time to reflect on what is really important in our lives.

All of us at C&C Yard Care are thinking and making changes as well.  Our schedules and operating practices have been changed to meet this new need.   We are taking steps to be sure we can continue business, while maintaining the safety of our staff, clients and community.    Since we are still experiencing cooler weather and virtually everything we do requires no direct contact between our staff and our clients, we only anticipate minor service disruptions at this time.  We plan to continue to provide our essential services to you, our client. There may be some delays, but we will attempt to communicate those delays to you.  We may also modify some service procedures in order to maintain compliance with the CDC guidance.  But again, we anticipate providing all of the high quality services you are expecting from us.  Should this change we will let you know.

We are monitoring the CDC guidelines and have implemented sanitizing and social distancing practices.  We are reducing crew sizes and training staff to follow the recommended CDC guidelines. Unfortunately, we will no longer shake hands, although we’d love to.  In order to meet the distancing guidelines we will be limiting in person conversations to only when absolutely necessary.  We will be keeping you updated about your services by email and/or phone as much as possible.   To be sure that you receive communications from us please be sure your contact phone and email are current.   Know that we may show up to provide your scheduled service and not announce our arrival in person.  If you would like a phone call when we arrive to service please let us know.  If you would like to postpone service, no problem.  Just let us know.

Remember, you can view your current invoices, update your credit card info, make payments and contact us through our client portal. If you need your login information please contact us and we can get you set up.

For the near future our office and sales staff will be working from home.  Our office may be closed, but phone calls will be routed and answered. If you can’t get through please try again or send us an email through our website.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our staff is currently concentrating on completing services that are the most essential and follow the State allowed guidelines currently in place.  These include: 

  • Weed, Insect and Pest Control Treatments
  • Pruning & Removal Services where there is an immediate risk to property.
  • Sprinkler Repairs where leaks may cause damage to your landscaping or home.
  • Some landscaping work.

We are postponing the following services for a short amount of time until weather conditions improve and they become necessary: 

  • Sprinkler system start-up and repairs
  • Sprinkler Renovation work
  • Lawn Mowing 

Other services such as Aesthetic Pruning, Thatching and Lawn Aeration may be delayed further until State regulations are relaxed for our industry.  

If you have any concerns about your upcoming services please contact us.  

Thank you for being our client. We truly appreciate being able to serve you! If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us by phone or email. Stay safe. Be vigilant! We will get through this together.

C&C Yard Care, Inc.

All products or services are taxable as required by your city or county.