Tree Care

Services start at $59.99

Ultimate Tree & Shrub Care Program
"Comprehensive care for your valuable landscape plantings"

  • Nutrient package
  • Dormant oil with copper
  • Insect & Disease control
  • 5 total inspection & treatments plus...
  • Systemic treatment for larger & troublesome trees (as needed - additional cost)
  • Unlimited Service Calls


Basic Care Program

"Economical alternative to keep your shrubs & trees healthy"

  • Dormant oil with copper
  • Insect & Disease control
  • 4 total inspection & treatments



Merit Tree Treatment:
This systemic treatment is guaranteed to protect your Maple, Birch, Hawthorne, Oak and other larger trees from aphid attack.

Signs of aphid attack are:

  • Shiny, sticky leaves.
  • "Tree sap" all over your car.
  • Feels like a light rain when you stand underneath the affected tree.
  • Some leaves are falling from the tree prematurely.

Call our tree expert for a FREE consultation.

Our guaranteed treatment program will prevent all of this from happening. Be sure to ask what that sticky stuff really is!

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